Activities for an Action-packed April Long Weekend

29 Mar 2021
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With the April long weekend approaching, it’s a great time to think about how to kick-start your long weekend and School Holidays, whether you’re celebrating Easter or participating in other exciting events! A long weekend is always a fantastic reason to organise social gatherings, squeeze in some outdoor activity, relax with your friends or family, or take time for yourself. We’ve put together a selection of brilliant activities to keep you entertained and active this long weekend, each involving a few of these aspects so that you can make the most of your time off! 

Round up your favourite people for some wonderful group activities! 

Who could possibly pass up a group get-together with family, friends, colleagues or anyone special to them?! Everyone is bound to have a great time at one of these great group activities: 

  • Visit us for a picnic or BBQ - what better way to get together than with us in centre! Pack your lunch and come along.
  • Have a blast with us in centre – get your group together and head to your nearest centre for a round of action. Swim, splash or play some sports games you all love, or even hold a mini tournament amongst your group with small prizes involved to ramp up the competition! 

Easter activities to keep the kids entertained! 

If you’re celebrating Easter this year with your children, we’re sure you’ll have already witnessed the excitement for Easter festivities, and of course, chocolate eggs! So, if you’re looking for something to keep them occupied whilst sharing some great laughs together, you’ve come to the right place! Select a few of our favourite Easter activities for kids below: 

  • Colour your own Easter placemat – a fun colouring activity to keep the children settled and concentrated as they create a special placemat ready for a surprise from the Easter Bunny! Click HERE to download your template. 
  • Spot the difference – test your kids’ sleuthing skills as they spot the difference between these vibrant Easter scenes, or make it a competition to see who will be the first to spot them all! Click HERE to download this activity. 
  • Easter Egg Hunt – there’s nothing like a scavenger hunt to keep the excitement going, especially when chocolate eggs are involved. Enjoy this special take on the classic Easter egg hunt, involving some physical activity and quiz questions that are guaranteed to elicit great laughter! Click HERE to try our Easter Egg Hunt. 

Head out for an Aussie Adventure these Holidays! 

There's so much to explore! From natural wonders, stunning white sand beaches, the red dirt outback, rugged mountains or the vibrant rainforests, there's always a reason to hit the road and start a new adventure. Let's continue to support the local Australian tourism and use our Autumn adventures to visit iconic destinations in our own backyard. This season, visit Coonamble, located in central northern New South Wales, and home to the biggest rodeo and campdraft competition in Australia. It is situated close to three natural wonders, the Warrumbungle National Park, the Macquarie Marshes and the Pilliga Forest, so there is endless adventure to be had exploring! Read more HERE

Looking for more great fun to kick-start the School Holidays? Next time you’re in centre, ask one of our friendly team members what’s on in centre over the long weekend and School Holidays, and have a go at something new! 

So, whether you’re planning to kick back and relax, or celebrate with festivities, we know you’re sure to have an enjoyable time getting active and involved with some of these fantastic ideas. Enjoy the time off from your busy schedule and make the most of it with those important to you! 

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